USmart (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "USmart") is a leading domestic and international IoT software and hardware independent research and development, production, and sales of intelligent companies, and focuses on smart home appliances IoT project Contracted high-tech enterprises, providers of intelligent overall solutions for smart home factories, and IoT high-tech companies that are highly recognized by users for smart home appliances.

With strong technical force and strong R & D team, the company has completed the development layout of smart home appliances and Internet of Things through continuous innovation. In terms of smart home appliances, it has formed a comprehensive smart system solution that integrates smart home, smart, intimate experience, scientific evaluation, and data analysis, and has developed various series of products that are widely used in smart homes, communities, hotels, Villas, office buildings and other construction fields. In terms of the Internet of Things, following the development tenet of "natural intelligence, simple and easy to use" design concept, we developed the (USmart IOT) APP smart home appliance management platform. Through (USmart IOT) APP and smart home appliances Interaction to realize the interconnection of smart devices. Bring high-quality services to consumers and purchase smart devices. Let you experience a smarter home life.

USmart Intelligent is committed to creating the top brand in the smart home industry, always adhering to advanced technology and high-performance smart home appliances and services, leading the industrial revolution, bringing smarter home life to mankind, exploring the infinite possibilities of smart home .



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